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Tue 31 Oct 2023

Have you heard of the Open Eye Gallery?

Open Eye Gallery is located at the heart of the Liverpool Waterfront, a short walk from the Liverpool One shopping centre and the Albert Dock. The gallery is part of the Mann Island development, a complex of three black buildings that sit between the Strand, the Canning dock and the new Museum of Liverpool.

Our entrance is on the ground floor of Mann Island, in a covered public courtyard which can be entered from the south side (facing the Museum of Liverpool) or the north side (facing Mann Island and the Liver Building)


We’re more than a gallery

We’re actively rethinking what a gallery can be. We produce exhibitions, long-term collaborative projects, publications, festivals, and university courses — locally and worldwide. We welcome over 85,000 visitors to our gallery every year, over 200,000 to projects in other venues, and many more to our online spaces. We proactively take risks to spark crucial conversations and enable creative expression.

We work with people to push for social change

We’re taking a lead on socially engaged photography nationally. Bringing different voices, photographers and communities together, we establish projects where the collaborative process is just as important as the final product.

All welcome, always!

We act and communicate in a way that is generous, nurturing and friendly. We want everyone to make themselves at home in our spaces and join us in celebrating difference, speaking out against racism and all discrimination. We seek to include, always.  

We’re open source and free to use

As much as possible, our staff, space, online channels and networks are open and free for people to use. Our open processes and platforms make it easy to contribute to and co-author our programme. 

Our work goes from grassroots to global

Photography is a tremendously powerful way of bringing different cultures into conversation together. We work with local residents and international partners to support representation, empathy, equality and inclusivity.

We are committed to addressing the climate emergency

At Open Eye Gallery we are committed to sustainable practices, working to reduce our impact on the environment. We have embedded monitoring and reporting on our carbon usage and updating our knowledge via staff training and active learning with climate focussed groups. We actively engage as members of the Liverpool City Region sustainability network for cultural organisations and fully support Liverpool and Liverpool City Region in their actions towards zero carbon emissions. Our programming
utilises the tremendous power of photography to bring communities together to affect positive social and environmental change. Our national lead for socially engaged photography and our extensive partnerships enable us to work with environmental experts, creative and community activists, providing platforms to champion their work in neighbourhood and public spaces across the north west.

Our climate declaration can be found at

Website: Open Eye Gallery Home - Open Eye Gallery




Been to Open Eye many times they have some great exhibiyions on.