Projected Image Division Inter Club Competition

me artcti ternWe take part in the PSA Projected Image Division Inter Club Competition four times a year.  This is a completely Open competition so – anything goes! In each round we have to submit 6 images from 6 different workers .

The co-ordinator is Brian Magor.  Contact him.This is a great opportunity for club members to try their images, and win awards,  on the international stage without cost

There is a League of five Groups.  At the moment we are in Group B – Championship – not the Premier League.  With luck we will get promoted this season! See how we did in 2017-2018 here

The four rounds are in November, January, March and May.  Images are selected from those that do well in the Monthly Competitions, and will be displayed on this web page

Unfortunately, we missed the deadline for the January entry, so at the end of round 2 we were 2nd from bottom beating only West Cumbria.   However, we were able to enter a make-up entry for January in the March entry as well as our normal March entry – and now we are at the top of the Group B.  If we can maintain this we could be promoted to Group A for next season.  There are 11 UK clubs that take part in this competition and we are currently 5th out of the 11.


See the current standings here

November 2018 Entry – 67 points

Mersey Mist by Paul Anderson - 14 points - Award
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January 2019 Entry  – 71 points

"Lift off" by John Sixsmith - 14 points
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March Entry 2019 –  68 points

Start Postponed by Diana Baddeley - 12 points - Award
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May Entry 2019 – awaiting results

Watersplash by Margaret Sixsmith
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