Main meetings

Hoylake Photographic Society Main Group Syllabus

Due to Covid19 restrictions all meetings of the Society in 2020/21 will take place as on-line zoom meetings.  The Projected Image Competitions will take place as usual, but, for the moment, there will be no Print competitions.

Zoom meetings will be open to members from 7.30pm and will start at 7.45pm.  Some meetings may be made into videos and be available online from the Society’s web page, or on a restricted membership YouTube page.  Details will be sent out to members as appropriate.

Full instructions will be sent to members and the first meeting on September 11th will be an introduction to the process and the opportunity to sort out any problems.

Further details of the 2021 meetings will follow later.


11-Sep Introductory Zoom Meeting Zoom

My Lock Down Images 


25-Sep Annual General Meeting Zoom Hand in for

Open/Alt. Reality

2-Oct Starting from a blank canvas

Polina Plotnikova FRPS, EFIAP

See Polina’s website

They say that a photographer is either a picture taker or a picture maker. I am firmly in the picture makers’ club. While fully appreciating the “what you see is what you get” approach, I am much more interested in chasing an ever-elusive image that appears in my mind’s eye, an image that conveys my feelings and emotions, rather than remains a mere statement of fact. My favourite photography subjects are: flowers, still life, and also capturing my impressions when traveling

9-Oct Open/Altered Reality Competition        Judge Richard Barrett LRPS Zoom

L&CPU Individual Competition


A selection of images chosen from the 2020 L&CPU Individual Competition

3 Sections


                      • Mono
                      • Nature
                      • Open


23-Oct An evening with Barbara Singleton and Mike Waring Zoom Hand in for

Man Made


Landscape & People  

John Tilsley    Fotospeed

See John’s website

I have been fascinated by photography since taking charge of the family Box Brownie at the age of 12. The gift, five years later, of an old Gnome enlarger introduced me to the magic of the darkroom! A prolific worker in a wide range of cameras & films, I worked exclusively in film until 2010. I wasn’t happy to print digitally in monochrome until the quality of paper, ink & printer was available! I now produce both colour & monochrome prints. For me, the real joy of photography is seeing images in print form.

Over the years I have been fortunate to travel to many interesting places – recently these have tended to be on the cold side! Wherever I go, landscapes and people feature strongly in my photographs

6-Nov Man Made Competition                         Judge: Dave Jones CPAGB Zoom
13-Nov Infra Red Photography                          Mal Holmes Zoom Hand in for


Intentional Camera Movement

20-Nov Eight Years of the Hoylake International Exhibition      Brian Magor Zoom
27-Nov President’s Theme Competition    “ICM”     Judge: Mark Reeves ARPS Zoom
4-Dec Wildlife Photography Pt 1


See Tracy’s website

I am a photographer from Hull that specialises in Wildlife.

I work shifts as an engineer at my local telecommunications company and in my spare time I am travelling near and far to photograph wildlife.

I have always enjoyed photography and loved wildlife but when I went on my dream trip to Africa in 2004, I started to take the two more seriously.

My passion for wildlife has taken me around the world and there is nothing I love doing more and I try hard to show that passion through my images.

I spend hours in the field and what some people don’t understand is that some feelings you get are priceless…it is a true blessing to be able to take the time to sit and watch wildlife let alone photograph it. Sometimes it’s more important to experience the moment rather than miss it taking photos.

There is no better feeling than having those magical moments that will probably never be repeated but stay with you forever.  These are the moments that come back to me when looking at my images and make me smile and feel so lucky in doing what I do.

Zoom Hand in for

A/V competition 

11-Dec Audio Visual Competition Zoom


8th Jan “Astrophotography”
Robert Devenish
15th Jan
Erecting the prefabricated metal frame around which concrete will be formed, is no easy task without a crane. They use local materials to stiffen the bendy metal before hoisting it into place and tying with ropes. Village Had Mad, Pak Ou district Luang Prabang Province. Lao PDR

“Humanitarian Vision
Jim Holmes

Explore the extraordinary work done around the world by agencies and charities that specialise in humanitarian emergency interventions and long-term development projects. Uplifting and insightful, this presentation includes images from Afghanistan, Mongolia, Laos, Indonesia and Burma shot on assignment for Oxfam, Save the Children the United Nations and many other organisations.  From rural education to basic healthcare, natural disasters and the need for clean water, my images and experiences will illustrate the image gathering process and lift the lid on the needs, solutions and outcomes of the development process.


Introduction to Jim Holmes

I am a professional documentary photographer that has lived and worked around the world for over 30 years.  Assignments have taken me to over 50 countries and I have worked extensively on environmental and humanitarian projects for international agencies such as the United Nations, World Bank, Oxfam, Save the Children, and many others.   My assignments have taken me to disaster zones as well as to observe long term development projects. I have also worked on the visual documentation of mineral exploration and mining (copper and gold), large river hydropower projects, as well as for well-respected travel guide publishers.

22nd Jan “My Photography”  – Paul Stanley FIPF EFIAP/g

It is a constantly changing presentation covering his work over the past number of years in the genres of Travel, Landscape, Long Exposure and Architecture.

Paul has been interested in photography since his school days. He is an active member of the Dublin Camera Club for many years and has twice been President of the club. He continues to be a committee member acting as one of the programme secretaries and is the Director of the Eddie Chandler Gallery, which is a FIAP Exhibition Centre.

Paul is also a committee member of the Irish Photographic Federation, past president of the Federation and is currently the FIAP Liaison Officer for Ireland.

Paul is a keen exhibitor and  gained EFIAP/g along with a Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation with a panel of Travel Photography

Paul has presented to clubs throughout Ireland and in the UK and judges extensively in Ireland and internationally

Zoom Hand in for Illustrative
29th Jan





5th Feb Illustrative Competition

Judge: Susan Clarke, LRPS CPAGB AWPF

12th Feb “The wonderful World of Photography – part 1”
Ashley Franklin, ARPS ABPPA APAGB BPE1*See Ashley’s web page
19th Feb “Monochrome  is not a filter”
Zoom Hand in for H-2-O
26th Feb “The Art of Metamorphosis 1”
Andrea Hargreaves, MPAGB EFIAP/b BPE3*

I am a National and International award winning Photographer and Digital Artist based in Selby, North Yorkshire, England UK.

My digital artworks are composed entirely from photographs I have taken, including all textures & overlays.

Many of my photographs & Digital Artworks have been exhibited widely throughout the UK in Photographic Salons & Exhibitions & I have had images in publications such as Yorkshire Life magazine, Amateur Photography magazine & in local papers.

As a member of the Yorkshire Photographic Union Executive Committee, (the organisation which serves all Photographic Clubs and Societies in Yorkshire) I am the PAGB Awards Officer & Mentoring co-ordinator for members wishing to take Awards for Photographic Merit.

See Andrea’s web page

5th Mar H2O Competition
Judge: Linda Bell, DPAGB AWPF BPE4* EFIAP
12th Mar “My most challenging Nature Locations –  Ken Lewis
“Motorsport”  – Barry Betts
19th Mar “The wonderful World of Photography – part 2”
Ashley Franklin, ARPS ABPPA APAGB BPE1*
Zoom Hand in for Landscape
26th Mar “Another Time, Another Place”
Wayne Brittle
9th April Landscape Competition




16 Apr Members’ Night

What is Altered Reality/Creative/Imaginative?

23rd Apr
Overcoming Obstacles 


30th Apr TBA
5th/6th/7th May Annual DPI Judging

Judges: Pax Garabadian, Stuart Edgar, John Spiers

14th May Annual General Meeting Zoom