International Organisations


Photographic Society of America


The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is a worldwide organization providing a wide range of services that promote photography and benefits to its members. Individual members can participate in competitions, study groups and on-line education programs designed to advance their photographic knowledge and skills. Competitions are held for clubs, councils, federations and chapters, also. Member image galleries are always available for viewing. An annual youth photography showcase, open to all students of high school age, is conducted as well. Opportunities for image analysis and critique as well as discounts for both hardware and software products are available for all members.  In addition to special access to a Member’s Only area on this dynamic and informative website, every member receives the high-quality PSA Journal each month. See PSA FAQs for more details on some of the PSA programs

PSA promotes the art and science of photography as a means of communication, image appreciation and cultural exchange.

  • PSA provides education, information, inspiration and opportunity to all persons interested in photography.
  • The Society fosters personal growth and expression, creativity, excellence and ethical conduct in all aspects of photographic endeavour

Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP)


A camera club is a group of photographers, local to a particular area (usually a village, town or sometimes a county). Often camera clubs are part of a National Federation, such as the PAGB, which organises competitions, distinctions etc. across it’s member clubs. Well FIAP is a federation of National Federations. So it’s a global/international photographic body. Like the local clubs and national federations, it hosts competitions and offers distinctions, but unlike the local clubs and national federations, you are now competing and being measured against photographers from across the planet. It stands for Federation Internationale de l’Arte Photographique.

There isn’t much information easily found on the FIAP website so go to What the f@ck is FIAP?

Global Photographic Union


At the outset, it must be said that GPU is not a replacement for local “club” photography where photographers attend on a regular basis and take a full and active role in their “club” or for regional, federation or national level photography.

GPU is formed for those photographers who wish to take part in a truly international organisation where photographic art allows and encourages cultural exchange.

GPU does not seek to replicate the work of PSA or FIAP – both organisations do a valuable job in the promotion of photography.

GPU operate its own distinctions scheme where photographers collects points from acceptances, mentions and awards in international exhibitions ; members can apply for GPU “crowns” without further submission of work or gaining more “acceptances”..

GPU is a truly international photographic organisation – with GPU inspired and managed BY photographers and managed FOR photographers. The management board is currently represented by 8 internationally renowned photographers from 7 countries with members of GPU from 4 continents. Each country has a dedicated GPU national “delegate” who is the local contact point for all issues related to GPU.

Every section of photography is encouraged by GPU and equally valued. By this we mean that all the aspects of photography can be found within GPU and based on comradeship and mutual respect by all.

Being international it is recognised that it will not be possible for the whole GPU membership to meet regularly but regular meetings will be help on both a national or regional basis where technical and visual presentations and discussion on a range of topics. National/regional exhibitions will be exchanged on a planned basis which will mean that images of the members will be displayed and seen in many different counties.

GPU will make extensive use of the GPU web site where information on events and competitions will be held, members galleries displayed and competition details/results displayed.

GPU will run quarterly competitions with a “set-subject” and judged by a panel of internationally renowned judges. The best images will be available for sale to the general public as “greetings cards” bringing recognition to both the photographer and GPU.

GPU will run workshops, photo festivals, exchange trips and opportunities to take images with internationally renowned photographers worldwide which form bonds with those taking part as well as host photographers. GPU currently offers reduced entry fees for GPU members of to GPU supported salons and exhibitions.