Hoylake International Exhibition




  FIAP 2017/136              GPU L170044                PSA 2017-095


6th Hoylake International Digital Exhibition 2017

Chairman: Brian Magor, APSA MPSA EFIAP/b CPAGB

Judging is now over.  All report cards have been sent out.  If you have any queries pllease contact chairman@hoylakeinternational.org.uk

Thanks are due to all the judges and helpers who made this exhibition run so smoothly.

From Left to Right

Darrell Oakden AFIAP DPAGB BPE3*, Malcolm Jenkin GMPSA EFIAP/g CPAGB, Barbara Jenkin GMPSA BPSA ARPS EFIAP/s,Joan Blease ARPS HonPAGB ABPE,
Greg Duncan BPSA EPSA EFIAP/b ARPS , Valerie Duncan MPSA EFIAP FBPE ARPS, Christine Hodgson EFIAP EPSA, Tony Potter APSA ARPS, EFIAP/Pl, GMPSA, DPAGB, APAGB, Chris Kay ARPS


All accepted and awarded images are now on-line


Pdf catalogue now on line