This is a dual competition with two different themes.

For Mono and Colour Prints it takes the form of a Panel Competition.

For Projected Images the theme is Photojournalism

For this competition only, you will be allowed to enter 9 images made up of one Mono Print Panel, one, Colour Print Panel and up to three digital images


A photographic panel for our competition will consist of 3 images. These must be 3 separate prints mounted up to a maximum of 40cm by 50cm.  There are two sections Mono and Colour.  The theme is OPEN – any subject matter will do!

Images within a panel must work together as a set, they can tell a story, be images of the same item taken in different seasons for example, or a model in different outfits or in varying locations. The images have to have a relationship in some way to each other.

The Images will be displayed in a row so each one needs to indicate the order of display –  Left, Centre and Right.

Why a Panel?

A lot of Panels tell a story. This is best described as where one image could not tell the whole story. For example it could be the progression of a child growing up, so the images could have been taken over a long period of time. A lot of photographers also use a panel to show different aspects of a subject. The options are only limited by your imagination. You mayl find it best to have an idea for a panel and roughly sketch out how you will see it together. You can then set about getting the images you require. Post processing can help in balancing things like exposure and cropping etc.

Many things need to be considered when working on a panel; these are just food for thought:-


And finally, remember these are just guidelines, not rules, and are meant to be broken should the panel improve by so doing.


Projected Images – Photojournalism

The 2020 Hoylake international will be a 6 salon circuit with the theme of Photojournalism.  This will be an opportunity to hone your skills in this topic ready for entering and even judging in the Club’s International Exhibition.

What is Photojournalism?

Photojournalism entries consist of images with informative content and emotional impact, reflecting the human presence in our world. The journalistic (story-telling) value of the image will receive priority over pictorial quality. In the interest of credibility, images that misrepresent the truth, such as those from events or activities specifically arranged for photography or of subjects directed or hired for photography, are not eligible.

Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. The only allowable modifications are removal of dust, scratches or digital noise, restoration of the existing appearance of the original scene, sharpening that is not obvious, and conversion to greyscale monochrome. Derivations, including infrared, are Not eligible.

Sport action of any sort is obviously photojournalism, but many competitions give special awards for Human Interest images.  These Human interest images depict a person or persons in an interactive, or unusual situation, excluding recreational or sports ACTION

You may enter up to three projected images in this section.

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