How to prepare images for competitions

Projected Images

  • Projected images should be sized at no more than 1600px wide and no more than 1200 px high.
  • Remember that images may look brighter when projected, so adjust your brightness and contrast accordingly. The best way of doing this is to see how your images project on the club projector, and experiment with contrast and brightness and saturation.  Your monitor may not be calibrated.  You view in daylight or artificial light and what you see there may not be what you see with a projector in a darkened room.
  • If you wish to put a white border round your image do not make it more than 2px.
  • The screen behind the image will be black so there is no need to put your image on a black background of the projection size.  The black background has to be removed if the image is put on the web or in a catalogue.
  • Name images for the monthly competitions thus:- surname- initial –number (1-3) – title- eg Higginbotham-b-1-leading the pack. Once the surname and initials are removed. an automatically randomised list  is created with a member’s images separated for the judge. This  will save time for the Competition Secretary. Please make sure that you use HYPHENS not Underscoring
  • Images should be sent as attachments to If you use a Mac put your images in a folder before attaching them to your email.  That will make life much easier for us.
  • Different arrangements are made for the Wednesday Night Group Competitions. See details on WNG competitions


As a result of Covid 19 restrictions, we are not running monthly print competitions.  It is hoped that the Annual Competition in May 2022 will be having a print section.  Watch this space!

Prints may be home produced or commercially produced.  Members can give advice on printing and on good commercial printing services. Prints should be mounted on card not more than 40cm by 50cm. If you think that you might enter prints in the L&CPU competitions then they must be mounted at 40cm by 50 cm.

  • Mounting and backing boards can be bought from the Club.  Members are always happy to give advice on how to mount
  • Digital versions of Prints must be sent to Name the same way as Projected Image entries but add “Print” to the filename.


An image can be used in three different formats – as a Colour Print, as a Mono Print and as a Projected Image.  With each format an image can be used once in a monthly competition and once in the Annual Competition. Once used in the Annual, and image may not be used again in that format.

Apart from use in the Wednesday Night Group, a single image, could, in its various formats, be entered on six separate occasions.  However, don’t be surprised when members groan when they see the image yet again!

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