Some of our competitions are subject specific.  Pictorial is an open competition.  Pictorial is derived from the word – picture – so all images are potentially pictorial.  What makes an image pictorial, as opposed to representational,  is its aesthetic quality.

Is it well composed and aesthetically pleasing?  This is the only competition which is judged solely on the basis of  an image’s composition and attractiveness, rather than its subject matter. Compositing  is allowed but the image is  judged solely on its pictorial nature.




The 2019 Pictorial Competition was judged by John Bell, LRPS CPAGB AWPF BPE3*, seen here awarding the Awards for First place in the Colour and Mono Print sections to Carol Tipping


1st place in 2019 Pictorial Colour Print Competition – “Llandwyn ponies” by Carol Tipping FRPS AFIAP


1st place in the 2019 Mono Print Pictorial Competition – “Avocets in Evening Light” by Caro Tipping FRPS AFIAP


1st Place in the 2019 Projected Images  Pictorial Competition – “Abandoned” by Paul Anderson


Colour Print Rainy Day in Blaenau Commended Carol Tipping
Colour Print Mist on the Lake 1 Highly Commended Lyn Rostron
Colour Print The Poppy Highly Commended Margaret Sixsmith
Colour Print Sunset on the Palouse Very Highly Commended Diana Magor
Colour Print Mono Lake 3rd Brian Magor
Colour Print Kitchen 2nd Carol Tipping
Colour Print Landwyn Ponies 1st Carol Tipping
Mono Print Falling Acer leaves Commended Lynette Ryan
Mono Print Farming country Highly Commended Diana Magor
Mono Print Modern construction 3rd Stephen Halsey
Mono Print Calla Lily Study 1 2nd Lyn Rostron
Mono Print Avocets in evening light 1st Carol Tipping
Projected Image Palouse view Commended Brian Magor
Projected Image Alone Commended Margaret Sixsmith
Projected Image Aquarius Commended Sue Freeman
Projected Image Living in Harmony Highly Commended Lynette Ryan
Projected Image Waiting Highly Commended Margaret Sixsmith
Projected Image Black Boat. Red buoys Highly Commended Margaret Sixsmith
Projected Image Early morning flight Very Highly Commended John Sixsmith
Projected Image London Underground Very Highly Commended Stephen Halsey
Projected Image Lone Tree on Brimham Rocks Very Highly Commended George Evans
Projected Image F22 Raptor 3rd Stephen Halsey
Projected Image S for Sorrow 2nd Pete Lovatt
Projected Image Abandoned 1st Paul


Running totals after two competitions