Open & Altered Reality


An Altered Reality image should be imaginatively different from the way it was originally seen or taken. Almost any way of substantially altering an image is allowed, but you must hold the copyright to all elements of the final picture and clip art is not allowed.

1st placed Image by Pete Lovatt

Open means anything counts. There are no restrictions on subject matter.  There are two 1st places – one for the best Altered Reality Image and one for the best Open (non-Altered Reality) image.  After that, Third place, VHCs HCs and Commended awards are made.

1st placed image by Steve Halsey

Members can see a video of the judging (apart from the bit we forgot to record) by going to the private HPS YouTube pages.  An email was sent out to all members with details.  Contact us if you have lost these details.


Results of 2020 Open/Altered Reality Competition

Busy Spider C David Schiffrin
Fashion Accessory C Judith Dundas
Puffin returming to burrow C John Sixsmith
Staring into the green C Barry Betts
Submerged yacht C Anthony Clarke
The other side C Jo Naylor
Troutbeck Valley C George Evans
Bird of Prey C Cynthia Sadler
Mist on the lake C Margaret Sixsmith
Resting Black Rhino C Lorraine Pinder
Tree in the mist Coniston C Anthony Clarke
Turquoise tear drops C Diana Magor
Canna Lily display C Lyn Rostron
Do you feel lucky, punk? C Noel George
Red squirrel C John Sixsmith
Kit HC Lyn Rostron
New Ferry Murals HC Sue Freeman
Mersey Mist HC Diana Baddeley
SU35 HC Les Pickstock
Floating on clouds HC Margaret Sixsmith
Flower in Vase HC Lynette Ryan
Peas in a pod HC Stephen Halsey
By the Light of the Moon VHC Stephen Halsey
A Trio of Peacock Tree Frogs VHC Lorraine Pinder
High Water VHC Diana Baddeley
Red Pepper 3rd Pete Lovatt
For Queen and Country 1st – Open Stephen Halsey
Peeled Orange 1st- Altered Reality Pete Lovatt