Open & Altered Reality

An Altered Reality image should be imaginatively different from the way it was originally seen or taken. Almost any way of substantially altering an image is allowed, but you must hold the copyright to all elements of the final picture and clip art is not allowed.

Open means anything counts. There are no restrictions on subject matter.  There are two 1st places – one for the best Altered Reality Image and one for the best Open (non-Altered Reality) image.  After that, Third place, VHCs HCs and Commended awards are made.

There is only one competition Open – all images will be judged as Open.  However, there are two 1st places awarded – one for the best Altered Reality and another for the best non Altered Reality.

In this year’s Annual the Open Competition will be judged at the same time as the Landscape Competition
Hand in – 23rdApril