Oak Eggar Moth by Gill Lewis


This is broader than the original term Natural History.  It includes weather characteristics, landforms not materially affected by Man, geology, plant associations and botanical specimens showing anatomical detail.  Where Nature takes over a man made environment, this could be included.  It would not normally include domestic plants or animals unless showing extreme detail, but photographs taken in the zoo are allowed.
It includes the description for Natural History – wild animals and birds taken in their natural surroundings, reptiles, fish, insects, wild flowers and plants, including anatomical details of flowers, botanically titled.  The latter is super macro work at more than life size. Tame or domestic animals and ‘portraits’ of cultivated plants should be included in the Pictorial or Illustrative competitions.  With reference to the use of digital manipulation, we have agreed to use the PSA/FIAP/RPS conditions of entry.  The original statement of the photograph must not be altered in any way whatsoever. Cloning is not allowed.

There is no separate category for Monochrome Prints.

If you want to know what the RPS/PSA/FIAP definition of Nature is for international and inter club competitions, and have a lot of time on your hands then click here