Preparing the Shire Horse – Pete Watson

What does “illustrative” mean? Don’t over concern yourself with deconstructing the term itself – simply read the definition below.

Any factual photo which could be classed as documentary.  Images should not manipulated in such a way as to alter the truth of the original subject, although minor adjustments are permitted e.g. dust spot removal, correction of horizon etc.

Illustrative includes:

·         photojournalism where the story telling aspect is the most important feature.

·         records of events such as sports or people involved in activities e.g crafts, skills

·         this wide brief, includes street scenes, domestic animals, garden flowers, scientific subjects, industrial scenes, re-enactments and performances.



What is important is that a “story” is being told, information is being given.  If the image is also aesthetically pleasing it  is a bonus, but it is the factual nature of the image which is the more important.  A beautiful image will not be rewarded, if it does not give factual information!

Images depicting an activity are appropriate here – people “doing things” .

Some illustrative pictures fall under the title Photojournalism. If you want to enter images in  Photojournalism competitions or the Inter Club PJ competitions then you can find the Photographic Society of America’s definition of Photojournalism here

In the 2021 Annual Competition Illustrative will be judged together with the ICM competition.  Hand-in – 16th April

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