External Competitions

Competitions Hoylake PS will take part in during the season 2018-2019

As well as our internal activities and competitions,  HPS has also supported the wider photographic community, often by entering others’ Interclub competitions.

  1. Whitby/Ellesmere Port Interclub.  6 digital images on a theme, chosen from last year’s annual.  Takes place in March during their Annual comp. Organised by Margaret Sixsmith.
  2. North Cheshire Challenges at Poynton. 6 digital and 6 prints, chosen by Robert Devenish and Carol Tipping, from last year’s Annual or by asking for specific images from members.  Margaret Sixsmith chooses the digi entry.  In February.
  3. Chester PS Interclub.  4 colour plus 2 mono prints , chosen by Margaret Sixsmith and Diana Magor from last year’s Annual.  In October/November.
  4. Mold Interclub at Mold (doesn’t run every year). 5 digital chosen by Margaret Sixsmith.
  5. Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU) comps:  Annual club  print and digital.  Has to be entered through the club.  Chosen by Robert Devenish, from last year’s Annual.  Strict rules, limiting overall number and per person.  Colour, Mono and Nature.  Folios created for member clubs to use for evening’s entertainment.  In 2018 was in February.
  6. L&CPU Individual print and digital Enter through club but you choose which images you want to enter.  Mono, Colour and Nature.  Again strict rules for entry.
  7. L&CPU Audio visual comp. Rules are strict regarding use of copyright music –members must each have a licence (c £8 pa).  Entered through club –which may enter up to 10 sequences.
  8. The L&CPU Big Day Novice cup (started last year) to encourage new members to enter comps.  Images must be A4 unmounted print.  6 colour and 6 mono prints as maximum from club -1 per person.  Cannot have got an award in external comps or hold a photographic distinction. Takes place at the Big Day this year in October.
  9. Photographic Society of America (PSA) Interclub digital worldwide comps.  HPS is a club member of PSA.  We take part in Colour  (Brian Magor) Photo Travel (Diana Magor), Nature (J Sixsmith and M Sixsmith), Photojournalism (Mike Waring).  Either 3 or 4 rounds during the year roughly in November, Feb and May.  Mostly chosen from last year’s annual but requests sent out for new images near the start of the year especially for PT, PJ and undoctored Nature images.
  10. Photographic Alliance of GB (PAGB)- digital, entered as a club.  General and Nature.  We did not enter last year.  Very complex arrangements.   Chosen by Margaret Sixsmith in the past.
  11. PAGB distinctions.  National awards entered individually at 3 different levels.-CPAGB, DPAGB, MPAGB.  Prints or digital. Closing dates January and August.  Cost paid by member for CPAGB is £60 each.  An individual decision whether you want to try for this.  We have some members who are CPAGB.  Mentoring system to help candidates.
  12. Royal Photographic Society distinctions. You have to join the RPS (£120 pa) to apply for their distinctions. LRPS, ARPS, FRPS.  Mentoring system to help candidates. Prints or digital.  Difficult to get.   We have some members who have gained distinctions.
  13. Hoylake International.  Run for the last 7 years to raise money for the club.  In May.  Organised by Brian Magor but this year a subcommittee will gradually find out how to run it in the future.  All members can enter for free and there are special awards in each section for HPS members.
  14. The Great British Circuit. This was once a Small Print Circuit, currently a digital circuit Hoylake PS was asked by Tony Potter (West Cumbria group) in 2011 to host one of the Salons, providing workers, Chairperson and judges,  and has done so ever since then.   Diana and Brian Magor have been salon chair or worker every year.  Members can enter all the salons individually. In 2018 6 members of Hoylake PS acted as judges for this competition.
  15. There are other interclub comps we have entered in past years –eg the South Liverpool Inter-Merseyside over a long time or the Deeside occasionally.  Mostly members do not have to do anything to have their images entered as there are  people who choose and do the entry from pot Annual Competitions. 
  16.  We tell people what has been entered and there is a file of images which have been used in the past for PSA and a list for the other comps.  Results are broadcast either at meetings, when awards are handed out, or via email.