Audio-Visual Competition


Every year at our last meeting before Christmas the club has an audio-visual competition.  We do not have a judge, but members of the club present vote – it’s a bit of fun.

    • Audio visual programs are images set to music or with a spoken commentary
    • They must be between 3 and 5 minutes
    • Video is allowed but must not be more than 10% of the total running time
    • As we are a photographic society, the emphasis should be on your own photography.  You may use images from other sources as long as they do comprise more than 10%
    • Programs should be in  mp4 format  You may use any software to make your program but it must be finished in one of these two formats
    • An easy program to use is Winsoft Pictures to Exe which is on the club laptops. If you need any guidance/help please contact Brian Magor at or talk to him on Friday
    • Hand in by December 6th on CD, memory stick or SD card.  They need to be tested to check that they run OK.


Those interested in AV work might be interested in the Awards given by the PAGB for AV.  The PAGB leaflet dealing with this can be found here.

The PSA has produced a video about Photo Essays.  Whilst some it relates directly to the PSA Photo Essay Competition, there are some tips in the later part of the video that might be useful.  Look at it here



Here are some programs by Diana Magor which been successful in PSA  Photo Essay Competitions.


Weekend in Whitby from PSA on Vimeo.