Annual Competition

Every year, the Club holds its Annual Competition and prints from this competition are held by the club for use in Exhibitions and for Inter Club Competitions. The hand in for the Annual Competition 2019 is on 15th March.

The six sections are the same as the Monthly Competition

Open and Altered RealityColour Prints, Mono Prints and projected Images

Man-made – Colour Prints, Mono Prints and projected Images

Taken on the WirralColour Prints, Mono Prints and projected Images

Illustrative– Colour Prints, Mono Prints and projected Images

Movement – Colour Prints, Mono Printd and projected Images

Landscape – Colour Prints, Mono Prints and projected Images


Click on the links above to remind yourself of the rules for each competition.


You may enter a total of 6 under each title, with a maximum of 3 in any section.  This means you can enter 6 prints (colour or mono), OR 3 prints plus 3 Projected images,  OR a combination ( eg 4 prints split between colour and mono and 2 Projected images and so on). This means you have a total of 36 images, split between prints and Projected images.  If you only enter prints your allowed total is 36 but if you only enter Projected images, your total is 18.

There are two extra Print Competitions – the Colour Print Panel and the McBirnie Mono Panel.

 The McBirnie Trophy is awarded to the best mono print panel and the Colour Panel Cup to the best colour print panel.  This is an additional competition only found in the Annual, but you do not need to print extra for it, but you may so if you wish.  

McBirnie Trophy

Your three mono prints may be selected by you from any of the mono sections, so you can pick three from one section only  eg the Nature or 3 from different sections.  You may also choose to print new images.

Colour Print Trophy

Similarly when choosing  for the Colour Panel, you can select one, two or all three from whichever sections you like. You may also choose to print new images.


When picking your three images, think about the subject matter –they should  have a theme connecting them in some way.  They should also have similar mounting –all on black or all on white – because this  makes them look alike immediately.  It is also a good idea to think about whether the format is portrait or landscape.  Three all the same will look good, though you can get away with two the same and one different, as long as the different one goes in the middle.  If you can get a panel together keeping those ideas in mind, then you must mark on the back and on the entry form, which way they should be displayed.  Someone will be putting them up on the stands for the Annual judge and needs to be able to see quickly which goes on the right, the left  or the middle.  


All  projected images entered in the monthly competitions will be automatically entered for the annual.   If you want to replace any please send replacements to with clear instructions of what is being replaced. If you did not enter the monthlies and wish to make an entry please put your images  into folders for each section and remember to name them as required – surname_initials_number 1-3_title. – as on your entry form.

Please read the instructions on the entry form carefully

annual entry form 2019

Look here to find out what you have entered in 2018-2019