Annual Competition

Every year, the Club holds its Annual Competition.  This year, because of the Covid19 Lockdown, the competition will be Projected Images only.  We will not, as in previous years, be entering the images for you from the monthly competition.  You may enter the same images as you did for the monthly competitions or enter new ones, but images entered in the Annual may not be entered in next year’s monthly competitions.

The six sections are the same as the Monthly Competition.  However, we are holding the judging on three separate evening, on the 5th 6th and 7th May with each  judge dealing with two competitions. To remind yourselves of the nature of these competitions click on the links below,

Illustrative and ICM – Judge Stuart Edgar –


Man-Made and H2O -Judge Pax Garabedian  – Hand in 21st April


Landscape and Open/Altered Reality – Judge Richard Speirs – Hand In 23rd April


You may enter a total of 3 under each title,