Annual Projected Image Competition 2020

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the arrangement of the Annual 2020 Projected Image Competition, which was meant to be shown on 24th April, had to be re-arranged. The judge was David Butler MFIAP, EPSA, EFIAP ARPS BPE5*. Images were sent to him and he emailed us the results as he does them.  These results were published on this page at regular intervals.   Find out more about David’s photography. His PSA Record of photographic Achievement can be found here

Look here to find David’s personal web page.

[sta_anchor id=”open20″ /]1 – Open/ Altered Reality Competition

(posted 8th April 2020)



[sta_anchor id=”pictorial20″ /]2 – Pictorial Competition

(posted 12th April 2020)




[sta_anchor id=”curves20″ /]3-Curves Competition

(posted 19th April 2020)

[sta_anchor id=”people20″ /]4 – People Competition



[sta_anchor id=”pj2020″ /]5 – Photojournalism Competition

(Posted 3rd May 2020)


[sta_anchor id=”nature2020″ /]6 – Nature Competition

(Posted 9th May 2020)


[sta_anchor id=”best2020″ /]The Best Image in the competition chosen from the seven winners

(posted 11th May 2020)


[sta_anchor id=”firsts” /]Compare the winners of the monthly competitions with the winners of the annual competition