Macro Special Interest Group (MISG)




During the HPS meeting on Friday 16 November it was decided to start a special interest (sub) group for macro photography.

The sub group (now referred to as ‘MSIG’) is open to all members and it’s aims are to increase our knowledge and skills in macro photographic techniques by working together, sharing experiences and having practical ‘workshops’ and trips.

Prospective participants DO NOT have to have specific (aka ‘expensive’) macro equipment… just a strong interest.

The group now comprises 14 members (and is in danger of being too big for ‘practicals’ and ‘workshops’) with the ‘Inaugural meeting’ on Wednesday 28 Nov 2018 at 8pm in the ‘back room’ at Newton Village Hall.

This meeting will concentrate on what we wish to get out of MSIG and what is our range of experience. And  any ‘areas’ members are specifically interested in. For example most people immediately associate ‘macro’ with insects etc. But there is a whole range of photographic ‘creative’ areas encompassed by ‘macro’ – not just nature (try photographing minute bubbles, with images of flowers refracted in them…? Or coins. Or fossils…). We also do not wish the term ‘macro’ to be too tightly defined. As an example a 300mm lens (200mm on APS-C camera) is a great tool for capturing dragonflies and frogs… without a mention of the word ‘macro’ in its description.

Attendees should bring along 2/3 images of what has achieved so far (memory stick or prints). And should bring their camera and whatever lens you have that focusses closest  [DO NOT go spending any money… at least not yet].

It is hoped that before the end of the 2018/19 Season MSIG members will be able to do a presentation to the whole club (on a Members Night) and show we have both developed our macro skills and enjoyed doing so.