Creative Group

Websites of many different creative photographers, they may not be to your taste but they may inspire or give you ideas.

This is the site that I first found and which started my interest. There is much free material on the site and several online challenges/courses some free.

This article is interesting and suggests ways of finding tension/interest in relatively ordinary situations.

For dark evening browsing and inspiration flick through some of these.

FRPS her site has lots of different interesting images many have won awards.

From Oxton she sees landscapes and shapes in rust, wood, old textures doe lots of photography at Lower Heswall.

This lady is one of our speakers later in the season. Look at her work as much of it is local.

Look at Sand patterns for inspiration

There is so much to look at on this site –

look at images 7-11 on this site.

Mark is great with Abstract Creative looking at the detail.

Jane Trotter Abstracted Reality – sells to interior designers



There are 3 comprehensive videos showing how Doug Chinnery uses different techniques in his landscape photography. They have material and demonstations of technique and the 3rd some of the editing used.

* Creative landscape photography – what do we mean?

* How to achieve intentional camera movement

* What techniques are there for intentional camera movement

* What compositions work for this

Much of his more recent tutorials require in camera edits that are only found in the most complex high end cameras.

e.g. Light dark multiple image blending, the ability to change white balance whilst shooting a sequence, but the website shows you the potential even if it is not to your liking.

I am listing some info for different camera brands as a starting point: 

Nikon Owners




Sony scroll down to the Multiple exposure App info